New NFL uniforms revealed and ranked

Old styles are making a comeback

Hanna Malone, Staff Writer

Seven NFL teams are said to be making alterations to their uniforms for the 2020 season. Some changes might be minuscule, while others might be drastic. In fact, two teams will be getting brand-new logos.

So far, only four teams have revealed the new modified apparel. Here are my opinions on the recent changes that we’re aware of right now and how I would rank each of them:


#4: The Atlanta Falcons’ first change in years

Photo The Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons revealed their new uniforms a week early due to leaks.

I was honestly a bit underwhelmed by the Falcons’ four new uniforms, especially as this was their first full-scale change in seventeen years. The newest attire isn’t hideous, just somewhat plain. The uniforms don’t really have the “wow-factor” that the other teams’ do. That’s the only reason why I am ranking these last on the list. If I had to pick, my favorite jersey has to be the red and black gradient one, as it does stand out in comparison to the others. On another note, I do like the new silver facemasks.


#3: The Cleveland Browns flashback to the past

Photo Matt Starkey/Cleveland Browns
The Browns go for a more traditional look with their new uniforms: two of the combinations feature decorative orange stripes running along the pant legs.

On April 15, the Cleveland Browns unveiled four new uniform designs. Supposedly, the most used uniforms will be white jerseys with brown pants, or vice versa – brown jerseys with white pants. Out of the four, the Color Rush uniform is my least favorite, being predominantly brown and consisting of no stripes on the pants.

With the re-design, the Browns’ uniforms take on a simpler, more traditional appearance that pays homage to history. The orange gloves are definitely a nice touch. Though no changes were made to the Browns’ signature logo-less helmet, they thankfully did away with the orange pants. Overall, I really appreciate the new style.

#2: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ return to their glory days

Photo Kyle Zedaker/Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Bucs sport the same uniform design from their most successful years, 1997-2013, to pay tribute to the Super Bowl era.

Fans have been urging for these classic uniforms to come back for quite some time now.  The black face masks are back, and the jersey’s frontal design is identical to the ones worn during the team’s Super Bowl era.  Though the darker red and white jerseys hold a type of historic weight to fans, the pewter Color Rush uniform offers a certain sleekness that I’m drawn to. All in all, each and every one of the three new uniforms are approved by me.

#1: The Los Angeles Chargers shock in powder blue

Photo Los Angeles Chargers
All six of the Chargers’ new color combinations.


The powder blue, white and gold color scheme is very visually pleasing. The Chargers are sure to stand out on the field in their new uniforms. There are six new combinations, and I really like all of them. Personally, I favor the navy on navy Color Rush uniform, but I also enjoy the look of the yellow pants contrasting with the powder blue jersey.

A lightning bolt logo was added on the top of their helmet and sleeve caps to match the ones on their pant legs, making for a nice stylistic touch.