Recap: Robinson volleyball’s 2020 season

Knight Writers summarizes the 2020 volleyball season


Photo Courtesy Jensen Beach Yearbook

The players pose on the bleachers for a team photo before the state semifinals game.

Ella Wertz, News and Features Editor

The Robinson Lady Knights Volleyball team had a successful 2020 season, finishing with a 15-6 record. Robinson volleyball tied with Middleton for the number one rank in the 5A 6 District. They advanced to state semi-finals and ended the season ranked the 78th team in Florida and the 13th team in the Florida 5A state division.

“This season has been a really special one,” head captain Mila Yarich (’21) said.

Multiple players shared that the team seemed to flourish this year due to the tight knit bonds formed throughout the season and their ability to work together. This ability to collaborate was both evident on and off the court.

“From the start to the finish of the season, we became a different team, one that bonded and worked as a single unit,” Yarich said.

Not only did the closeness of the team promote their success, but also many team members’ dedication to encouraging players through every game and practice.

“I tried to encourage the team by always staying positive and not to get discouraged during difficult games or practices,” Olivia Van Zandt (’21).

Specifically, Yarich, as head captain of the team, worked to motivate players and push the team to its fullest potential. This season has been a test of her leadership and an influential learning experience for her.

Members of the team huddle around each other during the state semifinals. (Photo Courtesy Jensen Beach Yearbook)

“Being a head captain allowed for me to help build a stronger team chemistry and focus on the court,” Yarich said. It also gave me the opportunity to lead and be a voice for players to look to in tough situations.”

There were noticeable differences from the team’s work ethic and spirit between this season and last season. Even with the added struggles and precautions placed on the team by the COVID-19 pandemic, they continued to persevere.

“The difference between this season and last season was that we all came together as a team and played hard every game despite the circumstances,” Van Zandt said.

The players were ecstatic with the season’s overall success, especially seniors who knew it would be their last opportunity on a high school court.

“It felt really great to make it to the state semis because of how hard we worked and how careful we were with COVID,” Van Zandt said. “Especially as a senior, it meant a lot to me to make it this far because this was my last year playing volleyball.”

The Robinson girls volleyball team’s 2020 season sets precedents for the team and its reputation. It is evident that through hard work and the ability to play as one, the team accomplished several of their goals.

“We played for each other and when we recognized this, we were able to succeed far longer than anyone expected us to,”  Yarich said.