The football team surrounds Coach Everhart during a practice on Sept. 2. (Photo Victoria Medley)
The football team surrounds Coach Everhart during a practice on Sept. 2.

Photo Victoria Medley

Everhart plants his impact

Craig Everhart is more than just the head football coach

December 2, 2020

Editor’s note: this story was written before Nov. 20, when Everhart announced his retirement from coaching.

One bright science teacher, one leading football coach and one dedicated gardener. You would expect this to be the description of three different people, but really it is just one: Robinson’s head football coach, Craig Everhart.

But, it’s not solely football that keeps him at Robinson, he is also the IB biology teacher. He tells us how he was influenced by others close to him to pursue science, as his brothers were both biology majors and found that he enjoyed the subject. Loving it so much, he wanted to be able to teach the subject to others.

“I started out, kind of like a lot of people do, following siblings’ footsteps in terms of biology,” Everhart said. 

Everhart tried to look for the best place to teach biology, and after all of the high schools he tried, Robinson was his top pick. His enjoyment for the position he holds is the leading reason why he has stayed here for so many years.

“Being able to have such great students and teach at a high level, like college classes at times… that’s worth making sure of,”  Everhart said.

One of the things that distinguishes Everhart from other teachers is his connection of education and football. He sees his class as a team that needs to work together to graduate as a whole.

“[I] start with kind of coaching those kids through that process of getting ready for the IB biology exam, it’s kind of being like getting ready for a game on Friday night,” Everhart said, tying the two topics together.

As a coach, Everhart leads his team with pride. However, he didn’t always think he would be a coach. He once read a book by John Gruden that inspired him to take a chance on it. Having interest in the idea for a while, he took the book as a sign and eventually began his coaching career. Despite having a Master’s Degree in Sports Science and Coaching, he took the job in order to share his experience with others.

Quarterback and middle linebacker, Kyle Muffoletto (’21), describes Everhart‘s ability to use his skills to instruct players in the most efficient way.

“He’s a great coach because he can read each player that has their own way of learning and he is able to push and motivate every one of us in a unique way,” Muffoletto said. 

However, for Everhart, it’s not just about making players better at the game. For him, the most rewarding part of his job is helping his teammates grow into adults and setting them up on their career paths.

“When they’re deciding to go on and pick a career and start a family and all that kind of stuff, [that] is the best part,” Everhart said. 

Everhart’s students and teammates are not the only ones who have their own lives outside of RHS. Obviously, coach has other things he likes besides football and biology. He actually has many different hobbies, some even being biology-related.

“I do a lot of gardening at home, I enjoy that. And, I kind of bring that into my classes a little bit. We are going to take over some of the gardens here at school,” Everhart said.

Since he has such hobbies that relate to biology, it’s expected for Everhart to have some kind of hobby that relates to football. One would be surprised to know that he prefers watching baseball.

“A lot of my hobbies are not football related. I kind of get away, like my favorite spectator sport is baseball because it’s the opposite of football. It’s very relaxed and kind of an escape,” said Everhart.

Everhart maintains the goal to make kids better, watch them grow and succeed in the ways that he taught them. No matter if he is your coach, teacher, or both, he will always make sure that you have possession of the knowledge and resources necessary to do what you want in life. According to Everhart, “the best thing, I think, is seeing them go on and do other things and be successful in their careers.”

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