Photo Gallery: Knights embrace tradition at Break the Silence

Knights defeat Tigers in annual Break the Silence game

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief

The gymnasium was a sea of purple Friday night. To any other spectator, the Knights’ Jan. 22 game against Middleton High School was another win, advancing their record 15-3. For the Robinson community, the night held a special tradition: Break the Silence.

The event, started in 2014  by alumnae Katie Cassedy, was designed to raise awareness for domestic abuse. The crowd remains silent until Robinson scores their ninth point, a symbol of the nine seconds that passes as another woman in the United States is domestically abused. On the ninth point, the silence is broken as the crowd erupts into anticipated cheers.

Despite COVID-19, the event was still held, and experienced the traditional turnout of students and community members. In addition to the purple t-shirts worn every year, masks were part of spectators’ outfits. The Knights maintained a consistent lead, ultimately defeating the Tigers 71-47. Their next game will be away against Jefferson High School on Jan. 26 at 8 pm.