Lacrosse tryouts begin today

This year, they have hopes to play the whole season

Hanna Malone, Sports Editor

Today, Jan. 25, is the first day of lacrosse tryouts; players will be required to show skill in coordination, defensive techniques and must exhibit stamina and cardio in exercise such as a three-mile run and sprints. Boys will be held at 3 pm on the practice field by the parking lot, and girls at 4 pm at Anderson Elementary School.

About 25 members will be selected to play on the team, with the official start of the season being on Feb. 17 with a game at Bloomingdale.

The number of players taken on for the boys’ team is dependent entirely on the girls’ team count. With that information, tryout participants should expect an official decision by Wednesday at the earliest, though the process might take longer.

Last year’s season was cut short due to COVID-19, but the season typically lasts from early February and into April, the last game this year being on April 9.

“The most exciting thing about this year is definitely the gradually evolving playtime that comes with playing for my third year,” Matthew Brown (‘22) said. “And as for the difference from last season — it would probably be the most obvious thing — but we’re gonna get to play the entire season, and with our district for the first time.”