Q&A with Senior Lacrosse Captain Kela Watts

Watts reflects on the previous season with her hopes of what’s to come.


Photo Courtsey of Kela Watts

Kela Watts faces off against a Plant player, trying to catch the ball. Robinson played Plant last year on March 25.

Zoe Thaxton, Online Managing Editor

Kela Watts (’22) leads the attack and the team for Robinson’s Girls’ Lacrosse. She’s strong on the field: in their most recent game against Alonso, she scored 10 goals with 10 shots; and has committed to play at Swarthmore College. She’s strong off the field, being there for her teammates and being passionate about this coming season.

RHSTODAY sat down with her to ask about this season.

RHSTODAY: What are some of your goals for the season?

Watts: I would say that my main goal for this season would be to get another shot at the district finals. We are in a really tough district for lacrosse, competing with teams from Academy and Berkeley, but last year we made it to the district finals to give Berkeley a run at the district title. I would love to do that again and take home the trophy this time.

RHSTODAY: Any reflections on last season? What are you taking from that previous season to apply to this season?

W: Last season, we finally learned how to play as a team. We got… some amazing offensive guidance that allowed us to work together. Through the new offense, we were able to compete against teams that we athletically may not have been as gifted as. I want to use this [offense] and what we have learned to put it into effect especially against better teams this year.

RHSTODAY: Tell me a bit about last season: the new coach, how many seniors left and how many freshmen joined the team this year?

W: So last year when we went to the district tournament, we had a rough road ahead of us. Although, we played like a team and upset both Calvary Christian and Tampa Catholic (in over time.) This was an amazing improvement being that we lost by four goals earlier in the season to Tampa Catholic.
In terms of coaching, both of our coaches this year were here last year as assistant coaches. We acquired help on offense from Coach Scott Watts which made a big difference. This year, Coach Chris Crook took over the role of head coach and has helped the team have a smooth transition from last year to this year. We had five seniors leave last year. Despite this being a loss for our team, we gained about six freshmen this year to even out the team.

RHSTODAY: Any rookies that have great potential? Any other really good players?

W: I would say Mae Allbritton. She is a freshman this year and extremely talented new player. She plays on the Limitless 25 team which is a top ten ranked club team in the nation. Her talent and athleticism will be a wonderful addition to the team. [Also] her sister Issa Allbritton (’23)… they work very well together and are an extreme threat on the midfield line.