Robinson Wins a Shutout Game Against Strawberry Crest

The JV flag team gets a landslide victory against Strawberry Crest.

Nicolas Diaz, Staff Writer

The Knights beat the Chargers 45-0 on Monday, April 4. The Knights controlled the game in both halves, never allowing the Chargers to take over the game. The defense played well against the  Strawberry Crest offense and never let them score. In the first half, the Strawberry Crest offense got very few first downs against our defense and in the second half they got even less.

The Knights were well-coordinated on both offense and defense. The offense threw the ball well and connected most of their passes and every run got good yardage. The defense was also well put together and stopped every one of the Strawberry Crest’s drives quickly. Overall the girls played a great game and got a well-deserved victory.