Starlets Showcase Talent at Recital

Not only are they aiming to recruit new members, but also to show off each starlet.


Kenzie McLean (’24) performing ‘Try’ by Pink. She created her own routine to show her talent. “When it comes to choreographing something completely from scratch, it’s all about repetition to really get it memorized,” Mclean said.

The Starlets ended their season with a bang with their student-led recital on April 29. 

Each performance was choreographed by the performer, giving them a chance to demonstrate their talent and express themselves.

The team hopes the recital also served as a recruiting event. Tryouts for the upcoming season are June 1-2, welcoming anyone who is interested in joining.

“To anybody wanting to join Starlets, I would say with no hesitation: it is super fun, an amazing opportunity and it’s an awesome way to meet new people. Everyone always has so much fun together, whether it’s doing activities or practicing,” Kenzie McLean (‘24) said.