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Joey Iglesia
Josue Joey Iglesia is a senior, with a passion for gaming and film making. His favorite games consist of Pokémon, Assassin Creed, and Borderlands and his favorite movies include Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, and the Dark Knight. After high school, he plans to head to Full Sail University and get a Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking. Josue was born in Queens, New York and has moved a lot since due to his father’s job. Josue also loves superheroes, writing, and acting. He believes to take on life with a smile no matter how what happens to him. Josue loves to quote Charlie Chaplin’s “A day without laughter, is a day wasted”. A fun fact about him, he can say every rule of Fight Club on command, even though that would be breaking the first rule.

Joey Iglesia, Social Media Staffer

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Joey Iglesia