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Mariano Hernandez
Mariano is a student at Rabinson High school, who was born on May 11th . He is a happy kid who smiles almost everyday, he enjoys swimming and volleyball. Mariano likes to spend so much time outside and being interactive because he can easily get bored by not doing nothing inside. But sometimes he likes to stay home in bed and relax and watch Netflix or he will be on Youtube watching Miranda Sings and Connor Franta. He also likes to shop mostly online. One day he hopes to become somthing big in the world by working hard for what he wants.At the end of the day Mariano is a unique and weird kid who will try to help out anyone and make a good day out of the bad

Mariano Hernandez, Print Newspaper Staffer

May 08, 2018
The last shot (Media)
The student news site of Robinson High School
Mariano Hernandez