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Robinson welcomes new Chef Tyrell Palmer

Robinson welcomes new Chef Tyrell Palmer

Anna Woodward, Staff Writer

August 30, 2018

When walking through the halls of Robinson, students can always count on the culinary classroom to make the school smell great. One of this year's new additions to the faculty is the culinary instructor, Chef Tyrell Palmer. Prior to teaching at Robinson, Palmer worked as a chef at the University of...

Culinary Program Starts Flatbread Fundraiser

Chef Clarke, the culinary teacher and Ida S. Baker TOY.

Claire Chesney and Frankie Wilson

February 24, 2015

Students are now able to pre-order customizable flatbread pizzas at lunch, thanks to a new fundraiser at headed by Chef Russell Clarke. They are made fresh daily by students in the culinary program and handed out after school. “It gives the students the experience of working quick service. My goal...

Q&A: Chef Clarke, Ida S. Baker TOY

Q&A: Chef Clarke, Ida S. Baker TOY

Victoria Baxter, Staff Writer

November 19, 2014

Q: What is the Ida S. Baker Award? A: Ida S. Baker was the first African American to serve as a Deputy Super Intendant for the Florida Department of Education. She was known for her efforts to support diversity and encourage academic success. So basically, the award is given to an individual that ...

Teacher Feature| Chef Clarke

Chef Clarke, the culinary teacher and Ida S. Baker TOY.

Renee Matamba and AnnaBeth Graves

May 29, 2014

Q&A with culinary teacher Russell Clarke. What inspired you to cook? Clarke: "I don't know... Actually one of my teacher in high school I would say [inspired me to cook]." What is your favorite dish? Clarke: "I don't really have one, but my favorite cuisine would be Mediterranean cuisine, and also...

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