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Joshua Saunders: more than just a coach

Saunders coaches his flag football team

Amelia Foster, A&E editor

January 21, 2019

Joshua Saunders is a man of many titles; around Robinson, some may know him as their IB math teacher, but most people know him as the head coach of Robinson's most successful sports program: the flag football team. Along with holding five high school flag football state titles, Saunders is also head coach...

Baritone or base? How about both!

Takagishi and the rest of the Robinson cheer team.

September 11, 2018

Many students at Robinson High School have struggled with playing multiple sports or being in the band program because of the time commitment. But cheerleader and baritone player Sabrina Takagishi ('21) manages both at the same time. Takagishi juggles marching band and the varsity cheer program along...

Breaking up and making up

 Nicholas Ferrer ('18) and his girlfriend of eight months, Sierah Ginnity, who lives in Virginia, pose for a picture after meeting for the first time on his birthday.

Ashlea Daniels, Features Editor

December 15, 2017

It all started with a "Hey" on Instagram. After eight months of a long-distance relationship, Nicholas Ferrer ('18) never thought that he and his girlfriend would break up, and a week before his birthday at that. He had never even met her in person before. The breakup wasn't without regrets, and his ...

Day In The Life: American Pride

Unlike the typical high school students her age, Deborah Gonçalves takes an involves herself in politics and what goes on in America. She invests in her future by looking into the careers she's interested in.

Ashlea Daniels, Profiles Assistant Editor

April 11, 2016

Getting the mail, Deborah Gonçalves ('18) notices a business-like envelope addressed to her. The sender is Envision Experience, a company that provides high school students opportunities to explore future career paths in camp-like programs. Gonçalves' training will be with the National Security Agenc...

From the Catastrophe to the Contentedness

Valerie Valcin ('16) was just a child when disaster struck her home nation of Haiti. Years later, she still deals with pain after the bone in her leg was crushed in the quake.

Kaitlyn Corwin, In Depth Editor

March 28, 2016

Disaster struck the small island nation of Haiti in early 2010. A magnitude 7.0 earthquake, followed by aftershocks and tsunamis, devastated the entire population. Less than a minute of trembling destroyed years worth of infrastructure and technological advancements. People were displaced from their ...

A Day In The Life: Family is Key

Sporting a tribal print shirt, Kristal Hill ('18) laughs at a friend. Hill describes herself as energetic and colorful, like the clothing she chooses to wear.

Ashlea Daniels, Profiles Assistant Editor

March 22, 2016

Arriving at the bowling alley, Kristal Hill ('18) is sure she's about to beat her family in this game. "Let your little brother win, Kristal," her parents tell her. "No, I want to win," she replies. As the game progresses, Hill can tell that despite her best efforts, she is going to lose to...

Five Minutes with Mariah Wilson, Special Effects Makeup Artist

Mariah Wilson ('18) spends what little free time she has on special effects makeup, cosmetology and baking.

Ashlea Daniels, Assistant Profiles Editor

November 12, 2015

Q: When did you start doing special effects makeup and what exactly do you do? A:I always liked it, I've been doing it since I was 8. In total, I make wigs, prosthetic appliances, I paint them, I apply them-oh yeah, I do hair coloring, I just put it in the category of wigs. Q:You do drag makeup as well, ...

A Day In The Life: Acting it Out

Eric Vance ('17) has loved performing arts ever since he was little.

Ashlea Daniels, Profiles Assistant Editor

November 12, 2015

As the lights dim and Eric Vance ('17) walks out on stage, everything stops. He is no longer the senior in high school going through the motions of homework and school, he is whatever character he plays.The stage fright melts and he forgets all about the people watching. For that moment in time he steps...

Nathan Sykes Takes a New Turn

Nathan Sykes, former member of The Wanted, releases his first solo single.

Ashlea Daniels and Kaitlyn Corwin

October 15, 2015

Nathan Sykes is not exactly a household name, but with his former band The Wanted, his voice plagued radio stations with the band's hit song "Glad You Came." Two years ago, the band decided to take a hiatus to focus on personal projects and Sykes is finally taking things to the next level. Recently,...

A Day in the Life: Meeting the Band

Claire and Tara meet with Five Seconds Of Summer.

Ashlea Daniels, Profiles Assistant Editor

September 14, 2015

A Day in the Life is a series run by RHStoday's profiles staff which highlights memorable or important days from student's life in an anecdote-style fashion. With story ideas or questions, please contact Kaitlyn Corwin or Ashlea Daniels. When Claire White ('18) entered 93.3 FLZ's 'Who's the Biggest Fan' c...

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