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Tripp At Knight - The Album Of The Season

Tripp At Knight – The Album Of The Season

Briana Garcia, Staff Writer October 6, 2021

Trippie Redd, “owner” of the number 14, has just dropped another killer album. "Trip at Knight", Trippie Red's latest album contains many well-known artists like Ski Mask, Polo G, and XXXTentacion,...

Graphic depicting a guitar, one of the primary instruments used in country music.

Give Country Music A Chance

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer September 23, 2021

I love country music. Yes, that's right. I am not going to hide it. People always say, "I will listen to any type of music except country." Why? I don't get it. Not all artists write about beer and girls....

Ariana Kanlic stands in econ class wearing dress code appropriate shorts.

Hillsborough County’s School Dress Code Is Unfair

Lindsey Chadwick, Senior Staff Writer August 30, 2021

I do not understand why administrators are all of a sudden strictly enforcing the dress code this year. As a girl trying to follow the rules, I have been looking around stores trying to find shorts that...

Universal Studios released still images of the Dear Evan Hansen movie when the trailer dropped. Ben Platt, as 17-year-old Evan Hansen, sits in a car with Julianne Moore, who plays Evans mother Heidi.

Cast Age-Appropriate Actors

Zoe Thaxton, Staff Writer August 19, 2021

I don't believe Hollywood knows what a teenager looks and acts like. I've been catching up on some TV shows, watching new movie trailers, and for media marketed toward teenagers, none of the characters...

As summer ramps up, vaccine rollout continues throughout the USA.

Vaccinations in the United States: where do we go from here?

Samuel Elliott, Staff Writer May 17, 2021

It’s been said. We all know it. I’m preaching to the proverbial choir by writing an article about the importance of mask wearing and vaccine receiving. I mean, by now, halfway through our second year...

Screenshot of SHEINs swastika necklace, which caused controversy on social media.

You aren’t a bad person for consuming from “problematic” companies

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor March 2, 2021

Boycotting as a form of protest is a well-known art. You find out a company has done something you don't support, so you decide not to give them your money. Simple. Fast food restaurant Chick-Fil-A has...

TikTok is useless

TikTok is useless

Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer February 8, 2021

I myself have been addicted to TikTok at some point in time like many other Gen Z teenagers until I realized, what is the point of it? Ever since Musical.ly was renamed to TikTok, everything's just gone...

Illustration depicting the GOP, whose reputation has changed from past years.

In the abandonment of iconolatry; what are the next moves for the GOP?

Samuel Elliott, Staff Writer January 19, 2021

As the president's fateful end of term draws nearer, a question is growing for the Republican Party: what now? For the past four years, the party has slowly abandoned the use of platform and policy,...

The Confederate flag has no room to be flown in todays society.

The Confederate flag has no place in today’s society

Zoe Thaxton, Staff Writer October 12, 2020

Living in a state that is technically considered part of the south or just driving through some southern states, I've seen plenty of Confederate flags waving in the air or passing by someone wearing it....

Teachers, let us get off Zoom

Teachers, let us get off Zoom

Meena Vasquez, A&E Editor October 2, 2020

Online school is a pain, I know. It's hard to adjust to technology when your original job consisted of minimal technology in the first place. But teachers, I cannot sit on a Zoom call for seven hours a...

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