The student news site of Robinson High School


The student news site of Robinson High School


The student news site of Robinson High School


Skyline of Beijing, the city in which the 2022 Winter Games are being held.

The 2022 Winter Beijing Olympics should’ve never happened

Samuel Elliott, Print Managing Editor February 8, 2022

Recently, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China has come under criticism by some groups and news outlets due to the country’s “human rights violations”. “Human rights violations” is kind...

Graphic made on Canva.

Government Social Media Regulation Shouldn’t Be Allowed

Jenna Falkowski, staff writer November 11, 2021

Social media is so heavily used nowadays. There is Tik Tok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. Especially with the pandemic and vaccines a lot of false information was spread. However,...

Illustration depicting the GOP, whose reputation has changed from past years.

In the abandonment of iconolatry; what are the next moves for the GOP?

Samuel Elliott, Staff Writer January 19, 2021

As the president's fateful end of term draws nearer, a question is growing for the Republican Party: what now? For the past four years, the party has slowly abandoned the use of platform and policy,...

Trash cans are just one of the many dirty things in the bathroom.

School bathrooms aren’t porta poties

Anna Woodward, Staff Writer March 29, 2019

I can say with confidence that almost everyone at Robinson has gone to the bathroom, seen an insanely long line, sighed and, much to their dismay, waited because they had to. As a person who doesn't really...

Sound Off: Strawberry Festival or Florida State Fair?

Sound Off: Strawberry Festival or Florida State Fair?

Amelia Foster and Anna Woodward March 1, 2019

Strawberry Festival and Florida State Fair are both staples of Tampa's culture. Watch Robinson's students decide which is better: the Strawberry Festival or the Florida State Fair?

Drop cards are going to the wrong students

Jack Kirk, Staff Writer February 6, 2019

Robinson has a system where students who get honor roll during one grading period get a card to drop one assignment in three classes during the next quarter. Now call me crazy, but if you get honor roll,...

Hiring is a new coach is a smart move for the Bucs

Jack Kirk, Staff Writer January 18, 2019

As an emotionally exhausted Bucs fan, I am relieved that they moved on from Dirk Koetter and signed Bruce Arians as their new head coach. It was time for a fresh start and Arians is perfect for the job. History...

During the conference, we toured the USAtoday headquarters and heard from their top editors.

A trip to Washington D.C. inspires Robinson journalist to keep dreaming, daring and doing

Macy McClintock, Sports Editor December 2, 2018

When I was six, I decided I wanted to be a journalist. While others dreamt of careers as princesses and Broadway stars, I envisioned myself on the sidelines as a sports reporter. I had grown up watching...

Opinion: Club days are trivial and a waste of time

Opinion: Club days are trivial and a waste of time

Jack Kirk, Staff Writer November 27, 2018

Once a month, Robinson High School decides that the first Monday does not matter, so we have a club day. I feel that club days are the biggest waste of time that the school partakes in. We should just...

Veterans Day, I’ve never heard of that

Ella Wertz , Staff Writer November 12, 2018

Many students are oblivious to things happening in our country on a governmental, social, and environmental level. But, there are some things that are too important to be neglected. On Wednesday, I...

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