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Teachers quit, leaving students in the dark

Lucas Long ('19), a student in the honors physics class, chats with his classmates while one substitute, of many, prepares to call roll.
Morgan Brazier, Staff writer January 16, 2018

As students and teachers return from their winter break, many prepare to face less than ideal circumstances due to the loss of multiple teachers at Robinson. After the retirement of reading teacher...

Scientist turned teacher Sarah Sanford receives Lockeed Martin award

This pre-COVID picture displays Sanford standing proudly in her classroom.
Ashlea Daniels, Staff Writer November 30, 2016

Sarah Sanford wasn't a teacher until she was. She was an environmental scientist in the private sector until the SMART Program hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates came around and completely changed her life....

Get Ready For A Trip To Mars

Get Ready For A Trip To Mars
Michelle Aros, Assistant News Editor-In-Chief October 1, 2015

NASA has recently confirmed that there have been traces of water on Mars. Also the Mars rover, Curiosity, showed signs of methane gas as well, which indicates that there were once even more chemical...

A Sweet Treat in Psych Class

A Sweet Treat in Psych Class
Frankie Wilson and Michelle Santacreu October 22, 2014

Donald Pippin’s psychology class did a demonstration on the nervous system during class, outside of the media center. Students were learning about the bodies different responses to nerves within...

Teacher Feature| Manuel Montero

Teacher Feature| Manuel Montero
Emily Draper and Natalia Ayoub May 16, 2014

Born and raised in Tampa, Fla, Manuel Montero has been involved at Robinson for 12 years. Montero graduated from Robinson High and later returned to fulfill a teaching position. He has been teaching for...

Teacher Feature| Craig Everhart

Teacher Feature| Craig Everhart
Claire Chen and Gabriela O'Brion May 7, 2014

IB Biology teacher Craig Everhart has been teaching for eight years. During his time at Robinson teaching Pre-IB Biology Honors and IB Biology 2 and 3, he has remained one of Robinson's most colorful personalities. Along...

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