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knight mic ep 7

TIKTOK: Knight Mic: EP 7 Bloopers

Pim Kruthun, Multimedia Editor March 28, 2022

Not all shots are perfect. Check out these bloopers from Knight Mic: EP 7. @robinsonknights_ Not all shots are perfect. Enjoy these bloopers from Knight Mic EP 7 #fyp #SmellLikeIrishSpring #UnsealTheMeal...

Multimedia Editor Pim Kruthun scrolls through TikTok.

Mental Illness Isn’t Trendy

Ingalls Witte, Staff Writer January 15, 2022

Over the past couple of months, a new and troubling trend has been on the rise on TikTok: faking serious mental illnesses. Kids on the platform have been pretending to have serious mental disorders-creating...

TikTok is useless

TikTok is useless

Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer February 8, 2021

I myself have been addicted to TikTok at some point in time like many other Gen Z teenagers until I realized, what is the point of it? Ever since was renamed to TikTok, everything's just gone...

Photos of tarot cards, which are often used with spirituality.

TikTok new age spirituality is a hoax

Olivia Godinez, Opinion Editor January 14, 2021

With the great conjunction on Dec. 21, 2020, a new age of intellectualism and spirituality is becoming a prominent topic among the collective, with TikTok specifically spreading information on spirituality...

A graphic illustration demonstrating the hub of cancel culture: the internet.

Correction: the alternative to cancel culture

Anna Woodward, Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2020

"You're canceled." The phrase has become as normal as "LOL" on the internet, prevalent enough that Time and The New York Times have even reported on it. "Cancel culture," in theory, is taking away someone's...

Quiz: What does your TikTok FYP look like?

Quiz: What does your TikTok “FYP” look like?

Hanna Malone, Sports Editor November 17, 2020

The TikTok For You Page, or "FYP"  is specifically tailored to suit a user's particular interests. The elaborate algorithm allows users to be presented with content that is directly targeted towards...

Bella Horiszny (22) has become TikTok famous over quarantine for her daily routines and fitness videos.

Horiszny gains fame through fitness

Ella Wertz, News and Features Editor October 9, 2020

Another TikTok star walks the halls of Robinson High School. Over quarantine, junior Bella Horiszny's  TikTok platform has grown greatly. Horiszny's account, @bellahoriszny, has amassed over 224.6K followers...

The Im Black movement takes over TikTok

The “I’m Black” movement takes over TikTok

Via Godinez, Staff Writer May 20, 2020
"This is about a company who publicly decided not to show our content because of the color of our skin."
Liam Silk (22) displays his TikTok profile.

Freshman finds fame through TikTok

Anna Woodward, Staff Writer March 7, 2019

Vine, YouTube, Instagram. The number of apps that can make a person go viral is long and growing by the day. For people like Liam Silk ('22), social media has been a way to share fun content with friends...

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