Creative ways to stay active

There are other ways to stay active without having to just run or do basic conditioning.

Jules Whitaker, Feature and Opinion Editor

If you’re like me, chances are high that you’d much rather sit on the couch than go outside and work out. Luckily, there are more ways than one to stay active and in shape this quarantine. These options offer fun ways to get up and move; and while you may not end up with a six-pack, the cardio and Seratonin are positive results from these activities.

Scooter, skateboard, or roller-blade

With skateboarding and scootering, you get a more active workout than going for a bike ride. These three options allow for you to break out that old razor scooter or pair of roller-blades you haven’t touched in (enter however long it’s been).

Just Dance around

The tv can help you workout with this one. Dancing is a great way to get up and move without thinking about how you’re exercising. Using Youtube or maybe an old Just Dance game, look up an interactive dance video and follow along, or play your favorite song and make up your own moves.

Playground games

Games you would play as a kid like jump-rope or hop-scotch are nostalgic activities that engage in your leg and core muscles with a fun game distraction. Options like these are better for getting active than getting a six-pack, but the boost of cardio and your mood is a good result of playing. The floor is lava, freeze dance, and hoolah hoop are some games that you can play by yourself. If you have another person to play with other games can include tag, wall-ball, and a game of catch.


Tumbling around on the floor can be a fun way to work out your muscles and practice your hand-stand. Standing on your head or hands work out your arms and core as it requires balance. Other activities include trying to do the splits or doing cartwheels. Even if it’s only touching your toes, you can increase flexibility, strengthen your muscles and get moving.  It’s important to know your own abilities when doing these to prevent injury and to make sure you stretch beforehand.

Go for a walk

If all else fails, going for a walk is a great way to stretch out your legs and get out of the house for a little. Walking is a less exhausting activity while still offering a boost in your mood and engaging your muscles so they don’t get so stiff.

These suggestions won’t prepare you for a marathon, but it’s important to stay busy, even if it’s as small as going for a walk. With all the gyms closed, you may have a better excuse as to why you’re not going now, but these options can make being active a little more fun. While I am no expert in fitness, these are some activities that help you get moving with some fun and feel free to get creative with it, whatever gets you moving.