KnightWrites: “Fadrun” Irid Language Interpretation

KnightWrites: Fadrun Irid Language Interpretation

Jonathon Wong

Ireinetang (Human Language)

Basic Vocabulary:

Grammar rules: no words were an ‘e’ immediately succeeds an ‘a’

Eid is equivalent to Eit. When Eid is used, it is only because it fits the aural context better.

Plural: add “ehr” to all words that end in consonants. Use “Hr” for all vowels.

Verb for Exist: Eit. In the Fadrunese language, nouns are not taken for granted. Every noun word referring to the existence of a living creature involves the root -Eit-. It means, literally, “am”

Adjectives are formed by -Ait- Suffix

Verbs: Rei Root

Adjectives are indicated by hyphens: For example, crappy day would be:


Negatives: Ure for consonants, uren for vowels.

Note that many words are shortened by removing the ‘eit’ or ‘eid’ simply for convenience’s sake.

He:                              Eidel(Seyte)

She:                            Eidla (Seyta)

We:                             Tirg

On:                              Ein

Of:                               -a- or -da-

Like:                            -se-

In:                                Ain

(Indefinite Article)a: Ein (alone)

Is:                                Eis

Be:                              An

This:                           -Tesa

-To:                             Se (add -tri to signify direction to me as in speaker; -gri is for generic someone else; -dei for “you”, -nri for us)

But:                             Elha

No:                              Velheit

Yes:                            Welheit

And:                            elh

Another:                     Elheit

At:                               Ei

From:                          Felh

Above:                        -Ar-

High/Tall:                   -Arh-

Good/Alright:             Einvell

Human:                      Irein

Face:                          Eidansyon

Soldier:                      Edran

Watchman:                Eidranian (anian: Angel) (-Eidr Guardian -Anian Angel)

Your(s):                      Daine(hr)

Arms:              Teiure

I:                      Eitri (add em for possessive)

Deliver:                      Seyntr

Payment:                   Eiuro

Give:               Grei  (Grei)

Bring:             Deynrei


Strength:                    Eidyawre (dyawrait is an adjective.)

Hound:                       Erhaveit (Ehr-Ha-Veyte)

Dragon:                      Eitlinn (Freedom). (Eyt-lin) {her}

Hound-Dragon:        Erhaveitlinn (Or, Eravlain) {Often related to Vengeance}

Idiot:                Eitlinnadre, which means; “Botherer(dre) of (a) Dragons(Eitlinn)” (Eyt-lina-drey). Often shortened to Eitadre

God:                Eitarvell. “Exist(Eit) Above(ar) All (Ell)”. Usually left as Arvell.

Freedom:                   Eitselinn (I am like Dragon) (Eyt-seh-lin)

Elf:                  Eilt (Eylt)

Elf Language:                       Eiltang (Elf-Tongue)

Protect us:                 Ireitenri

High Hell:                  Arh Screin

High-Elf:                    Eiltarh

Common elf:                         Greilt

Fadrun:                      Deitlinnarvell: (Land of God and Freedom)

Archangel:                Eidarvellanian: (Watchman Above All. God’s Guardians.)

Dragon-breath Plague:       EitlinnteindaPeintrayn: (Eyt-Linn-tine-da-pein-tryn)

Dragon-Heart:                       Eidaneviantelinn (Vian=Life)

Heart:             Eidanevian

Tongue:                     Toreidan (Tor=speech; Eidan= Part)

Body Part:                  Eidan

Arm:                Gereidan (Ger=Work)


Alpha (Prime):            Anveit

Turd:               Scheid

Oi!:                  Deynretri griveit (Give me your mind/ attention)

Mind:              Veit

Kill:                 Dreivian (Destroy life)

Law:                Ireite-senri (Protector of us)

Will / Rule:                 Ireite (Irei to lead)

Eyelight:                    Eilscreinsyon: Elvish Hell Sun

Sun:               Syon

Open:             Aidnte

Oh:                  Ayn

Time:              Heiynte (Hei-ente)

Duty:               Eirokn (Erik or Dereken)

Kindness:                  Vervianein (Veruna)

Beauty:                      Myeinra (Noun Form) Translates to: Myora 🙂

Picture:                      Freivian (Frozen Life)

Photograph:  Syonfrei

Honored:                   Arhanait

Name:                        Veiteivian (Mind + Heart = Identity= Name)

Kingdom:                   Ryaladeit

Come:                        Creigri

Done:             Tureigri

The World:                 Ryaladeit a Arvell

Thanksgiving:           Arvell-Arhan (Arvell’s Honor)

Day:                Syon (Sun)

Bread:                        Vianasyon

Forgive:                      Faingrei

Trespass (Verb):       Erei (+ta = noun)

Temptation:   Grei Ure-Ireite (Give False Direction)

Bible (Equivalent):   Arvell Ireite

Tyeimehry:                Timothy

Work:              Gerein

The Dragon’s Devotion

Greitri Deiyiuwre, elh Eitri Deynredei Eidyawretri

Grant Me your Strength, and I deliver you mine.


The Lord’s Prayer:

1.Our Father who art in heaven,
2.hallowed be thy name.
3.Thy kingdom come.
4.Thy will be done
5.on Earth as it is in heaven.
6.Give us this day our daily bread,
7.and forgive us our trespasses, we forgive those who trespass against us,
9.and lead us not into temptation,
10.but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.


Fadrunese Version

In Ireintang

Arvellenri ain Deitarvell

Arhanait  Daine Veiteivian

Daine Ryaladeit Creigri

Daine Ireite an Tureigri

Ein Ryaladeit a Arvell se Deitarvell

Greinri Tesa Heiynta-Syon Vianasyonenri

Elh Faingreinri Ereitirg

Se Tirg Faingreigri Ereinri

Elh urenIreinri Ainri Grei-urenIreite

Elha Seyntri Felh-Eiltireitei.


Arhanadei Arvell.