NHS Graduation Stole Forms and Money Due April 18

Claire Hawley, Staff Writer

For all NHS Seniors, the honor stole order form is due on April 18, 2014 to Ms. Lockett in Student Affairs.  Only members that are in good standings with their points by April 26, 2014, the senior point deadline, are eligible to order a stole.

The order form is available on Edsby under the 8th period NHS class.  Fill out this form and return it with the $25.00 payment in cash or money order;  no checks will be accepted.

Stoles are the satin vestments students where around their shoulders at graduation.  It represents involvement in the Honor Society.

Graduation is around the corner and many students are now realizing this.  “I am very nervous from after ordering my stole because that means that graduation is getting closer which is also exciting as well as being a part of the organized National Honor Society.  This process in finding my stole paper was simple and a stress free,” senior Mackenzie Powell said.