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April 26 Saturday School Schedule

Dominique Posada-Wilcher, Staff Writer

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Algebra EOC                                       Wash                                                     Room 220

Biology EOC                                        Williams                                               Room 137

Geometry EOC                                  Pursifull                                                Room 220

AP World (9-10:30)                          Strawn                                                  Room 244

AP Psych (10:30-12)                        Strawn                                                  Room 244

AP Literature                                     Levin                                                     Room 127

AP Macroeconomics                       Mousseau                                           Room 242

History EOC/AP Human                Vallerschamp                                     Room 217

AP Euro                                                 McCray                                                 Room 250

AP Computer Science                    Kersey                                                  Room 222

AP Biology                                           Thoreson                                             Room 128

AP Stats                                               Deneca                                                 Room 218

AP Lang                                               Pelamati                                              Room 119

IB Math HL                                          Charley-Sale                                       Room124

IB Eng Senior                                      Verde                                                   Room 140

IB Biology HL                                      Oliver                                                    Room 140

IB Biology EOC                                   Hollis                                                     Room 131

IB Math SL                                           Saunders                                             Room 125

IB History                                             Ketchum                                              Room 216

IB math Studies                                 Smith                                                    Room 123

IB Psych                                               Pippin                                                   Room 241

APUSH                                                  Militello                                                Room 247

IB Spanish                                           Landron                                               Room 113

IB French                                             Lacascade                                            Room 115

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April 26 Saturday School Schedule