6th Period GATI

November 20, 2014

IMG_6726Dr. Kumar,  USF Associate Professor

Kumar went and answered questions in Constance Whitman’s Biology class about anything medical. Kumar specializes in Oncology but she deals with a lot of other cases that are not cancer.

“This patient was very constipated and what we had to do was take him to the operating room and really scoop out the poop. That was one of the patients that I remember I really couldn’t stay in the room longer than thirty seconds.




IMG_6719Braden Warren, USAF Security Forces

Warren talked to Emmalee Fee’s English class about his career in Security Forces and answered any questions that they may have had.

“You can put it on in nine seconds?” said a student.

“I can,” said Warren.


IMG_5095Jennifer Michael, USAF Ophthalmology

Michael talked to Fernando Tudanca’s class about Ophthalmology. She went into detail about how prescription glasses work and what happens with eye fixing surgeries.

“It’s basically like tattooing a contact lense into your cornea,” said Michael.




IMG_5110Ken Cauthorn, Texture VIP, Owner/CEO

Ken Cauthorn came in to speak to the students in Mark Peterson’s class to talk about his career in marketing. He shared stories to the class on how they helped a woman keep her company in good business.

“I had a friend who owned a nail salon, Fancy Nails. When she came to us for help, we helped her to not have to increase or decrease the cost shellac nails,” said Cauthorn.



IMG_5121Doug Wall 

Doug Wall came in to speak to students in Maureen Pelamati’s class about how to incorporate emotion into theater performance. He helped a student do this and allowed him to present it in class so that the class could see emotion.

“Didn’t you see the transition in emotion that he made? He made it so that you could hear every feeling,” said Wall.


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