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Photo Courtesy Ea Leonard

Ea Leonard (’22)

Q: Why did you originally choose eLearning for the first semester?

A: “I originally chose eLearning for the first semester because my family and I didn’t know how the school would deal with Covid, so we just chose to be safe and kept me at home.”

Q: Are you going back for the second semester? Why or why not?

A: “I am going back for the second semester because my family and I thought it was better education for me to go back, and thought the school was doing an okay job dealing with Covid.”

Q: Was eLearning what you expected? Was there anything that surprised you?

A: “eLearning surprised me on how well the school managed it. I think they did a really good job of having students go to each class on their schedule virtually, unlike how in the spring of last year, students just did assignments on their own, and there wasn’t much instruction.”

Q: Did you have to come to school for practices, games, tests, etc.? How did it feel?

A: “I had to come in to school for the ACT and SAT, and it felt weird coming back, but I think they did a good job of splitting students up in different classrooms.”

Q: What is something you’ve learned from eLearning about studying, time management, etc.?

A: “I learned while eLearning that some things don’t go the way I expected, and that it’s okay. For example, sometimes the Zoom meeting doesn’t work, and then I question what to do for that class for the day, but then I get a message or I look at the announcements, and figure out what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Q: Has eLearning changed you as a student in any way? If so, how? If not, how did you maintain the same student mindset and study habit as you would’ve in-person?

A: “eLearning has changed me as a student by I still complete my assignments, but I have had a few assignments where I turned them in later then the due date.”

Q: If there was anything you could tell yourself before you started the first semester, what would it be?

A: “I would tell myself to study more and earlier than when I have been studying.”

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