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Henry Bui (21)

Photo Courtesy Henry Bui

Henry Bui (’21)

Q: Why did you originally choose eLearning for the first semester?

A: “I chose eLearning at first because of COVID of course, but after the first quarter, I stayed due to the convenience. I live pretty far from school so the drive there and back would be around 2 hours with traffic and the extra 2 hours of sleep was very helpful.”

Q: Are you going back for the second semester? Why or why not?

A: “Yes I am since IB exams are coming up soon and also I’m tired of staying home and at least want the option to be in person.”

Q: Was eLearning what you expected? Was there anything that surprised you?

A: “Yeah, I didn’t really expect much of it. It’s just like school where you have to keep up with all your work but now you have the added responsibility of keeping yourself focused. I was surprised about how many teachers actually attempted to keep online students involved in class, many of my other teachers just ignored us.”

Q: Did you have to come to school for practices, games, tests, etc.? How did it feel?

A: “I came in a few times for my HL English oral, Spanish corrections and to pick up materials for my Bio IA. It felt so confusing to be back in school. Being online, you really don’t get the experience of attending school, just all the work.”

Q: What is something you’ve learned from eLearning about studying, time management, etc.?

A: “Honestly, school is 80% just doing the work. If you do the work when you need to do it, then you will easily have enough time to study or hang out with friends. One tip I learned is that you need to do the work now so that you in the future has [an easier] time.”

Q: Has eLearning changed you as a student in any way? If so, how? If not, how did you maintain the same student mindset and study habit as you would’ve in-person?

A: “I feel a lot more independent. Most of my work is done on my time and the option to work on my own schedule is nice. If I could have the extra time I get online with the social aspect of in person, that would be ideal.”

Q: If there was anything you could tell yourself before you started the first semester, what would it be?

A: “Senioritis is real. Keep doing what you’re doing, just on time.”

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