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Photo Courtesy Kyle Muffoletto

Kyle Muffoletto (’21)

Q: Why did you originally choose eLearning for the first semester?

A: “I chose eLearning for many reasons, more flexible schedule to get more done, oh yeah and because of the pandemic.”

Q: Are you going back for the second semester? Why or why not?

A: “I will be going back to school because vaccines are rolling out.”

Q: Was eLearning what you expected? Was there anything that surprised you?

A: “It wasn’t what I expected, eLearners were very neglected and it was a lot tougher to understand the material.”

Q: Did you have to come to school for practices, games, tests, etc.? How did it feel?

A: “I did come for football practices and games and for orchestra rehearsals and [a] concert, and it felt so weird whenever stepping onto campus, not having been there in months and seeing new one way signs and everything.”

Q: What is something you’ve learned from eLearning about studying, time management, etc.?

A: “Mr. Sanchez helped a lot by sharing some of his planning and management skills on some programs he showed. I learned how to visualize what I had to get done and just get it done.”

Q: Has eLearning changed you as a student in any way? If so, how? If not, how did you maintain the same student mindset and study habit as you would’ve in-person?

A: “I’d probably be an outlier here, I don’t study so it was easy maintaining that habit.”

Q: If there was anything you could tell yourself before you started the first semester, what would it be?

A: “It’s not as overwhelming as it seems, you can get it done.”

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