ISSUE 1: Lifting Off With Coach Bird

Usually, questioning faces is the response to a student being the JV coach.


Coach Bird (Vince Garibaldi, ’24) on the field during the Robinson Vs. Spoto game.

Grace Hilton, Staff Writer

It’s said that when one door closes, another one swings open. Sometimes your foot gets caught in the door when it shuts. This is the case for Vince Garibaldi as his injury led him to do what he loves: coaching.

Meet “Coach Bird” (who got his name for being an Eagles fan), a student coach for the JV football team. Bird was a lineman on the team when he got hurt and had to quit. He still wanted to support the team so he reached out to help. Coach Marlo of the Varsity football team offered him a position as an assistant coach. Hence, Vince became the first student coach of Robinson.

While you will definitely see him on the field during varsity games, he spends a fair amount of time with the JV team. As their coach, he works to bring up the team, create stars, and take each player to a district championship.

“I don’t really care about any goals for myself, the main point is just seeing this team win,” Garibaldi said. “I think that’s the greatest feeling of all.”

For all Coach Bird contributes, he has gained a fair share of supporters on the team.

“He is amazing and put a lot of work into our team.” Malik Williams (’25) said.

Logan Sayers (’24) adds similar praises:

“He’s doing good, doing his part, and his very well-liked among the players and staff,” Sayers said.

He has noticed a clear difference in the classroom from when he wasn’t a coach yet.

“I do get treated a little differently but there’s still a sign of respect,” Garibaldi said, “They all recognize me as or think that I’m an actual coach, and that’s really cool.”

But from 8:30 to 3:30, Garibaldi is a friend of many of the teammates. That role switches once he gets on the field

“It’s very weird, but he was my classmate first. So it’s weirder seeing him as a coach,” Sayers said.

No matter what you call him (Coach Bird, Vincent or Vince Vibes), Garibaldi is unmistakably a huge part of the school and plays a large influence on Robinson football. When it comes to finding a coach, sometimes it helps to have someone that is sitting directly in your shoes.

Williams mentions, “He makes the team feel good about ourselves.” When you look at the people in authority of you, a lot of the time we may wish that that person knew what it was like to be one of us. It’s time to give our youth more credit.”